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Are you struggling to communicate your needs to your partner in a way that feels honest? Does it seem like you are repeating the same arguments without finding a solution? Have you been thinking about family or marriage counselling but not sure what your partner will think or say?  Why not talk to us first so we can help you speak to them? If you are dealing with complicated issues in your life, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. Counselling can bring about positive support and change in your life.

 Relationship counselling can help you recognize and address communication issues. Rather than focusing on each other’s faults, or placing blame, you can build on your strengths as a couple and create a foundation of honesty, respect and love for your relationship. Advanced Counselling Solutions offers a safe and comfortable environment with professional, compassionate and dedicated counsellors. You are the one person who can make the decision to change your circumstance and your life, and you can do it by choosing to get help. Make your appointment today, call 07 4775 3650.


Phone Counselling

Phone Counselling

We offer help and support via telephone counselling, just call 07 4775 3650 to arrange an appointment time with one of our counsellors. 


Our services are 100% private and confidential. Even before you sit down to speak to a counsellor, all communications with Advanced Counselling Solutions are treated as strictly confidential; this includes initial enquiry call, right through the counselling process. Marriage and Relationship counselling can sometimes make people feel vunerable, and worry that what has been said in their private one-on-one sessions, will become known to their partner.  All communication remains private and confidential unless written permission is given to share information with their partner.


Advanced Counselling Solutions can help you to work through a range of problems.

We've helped countless people and companies across Townsville through services including;

  • Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Couples Counselling: Communication difficulties, Affairs, or Loss of intimacy.
  • Family Counselling: Death of a loved one, and communicating within your family.
  • Individual Counselling: Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief and loss, and anger.
  • Workplace Counselling: Bullying, vocational discontent, and workplace conflict.
  • Addictions: Substance, gaming, pornography, Social Media, etc.
  • Pre-marriage Counselling: Preparing to take the next step in your relationship!

Life Changes

Even if you feel content with your relationship, there may be room for improvement especially before you take that next big step in your life. Getting married or taking your relationship to the next level can sometimes be full of expectations, which unless disscused can go unmet creating disappointment and frustration. The counsellor can help you identify these expectations so that you can disscuss them with your partner, avoiding future misunderstings or conflict.

Perhaps you are considering starting a family or have even had your fist child, and you may not agree on many aspects of Parenting. This can bring tension and arguments to this important time in your relationship. Perhaps you are having difficuty defining your new role in the relationship and balancing the changes with work and care for your home and family, while also finding time to spend together.

Call us today; we are here to help you find the path to a brighter future!

About us

Advanced Counselling Solutions is committed to helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. We believe in community, family, and people.  Our experienced and understanding counsellors can help you find ways to move through life with more ease, and co-exist with others in an improved and beneficial way. We can also help you resolve conflicts within your work or family environments. 

Our counsellors are qualified, experienced, and professional.

Advanced Counselling Solutions can help you deal with issues including addictions, sexuality, depression, trauma, and conflict. We are committed to helping people from all walks of life, facing all kinds of situations.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Pricing Schedule:

1 Hour counselling Session:   $95.00 inc GST

Out of hours times available on request

1 Hour Counselling Session for out of hours: $130.00 inc GST

Eftpos and Credit Card payments available.

We offer a range of counselling services, including but not limited to pre-marriage counselling, family therapy, couples therapy, individual, and work place counselling. Advanced Counselling Solutions provides services to people and companies across Townsville and surrounding districts.