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We offer a range of counselling services, including but not limited to pre-marital counselling, family therapy, couples therapy, individual, and work place counselling. Advanced Counselling Solutions provides services to people and companies across Townsville and surrounding districts.


Our counsellors are qualified, experienced, and professional. Advanced Counselling Solutions can help you deal with issues including addictions, sexuality, depression, trauma, and conflict. We are committed to helping people from all walks of life, facing all kinds of situations. You will feel comfortable talking to someone at Advanced Counselling Solutions.


Your visit to Advanced Counselling Solutions is 100% private and confidential. Even before you sit down to speak to a counsellor, all communications with Advanced Counselling Solutions are treated as strictly confidential; this includes initial enquiry call, right through the counselling process. Marriage and Relationship counselling can sometimes make people feel vunerable, and worry that what has been said in their private one on one sessions, will become known to their partner.  All communication remains private and confidential unless written permission is given to share information with their partner.


Advanced Counselling Solutions maintains an excellent network for referral in the Townsville area. This means greater resources to help you!  Your counsellor may also suggest seeing different practitioners or specialists based on symptoms or characteristics you present.

Couple receives Family Therapy in Hermit Park